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Stara Baska / Otok Krk / HR-51521 Stara Baska email: a d m i n (a) o t o k - k r k . c o m

If you are looking for Accommodation in this

bay on the Island of Krk, you´ll be at the best way to spend holidays in consistent with the nature !

Of course we can not guaranty, that not some people will interrupt the silence of your recreativ stay by producing some "bothering noise" with

for example Jet Ski exercices ...

Every Year are there a few (not that much) of this "special activ" persons, which can´t find another - not so disturbing - way to present there agility.

f.e. by

Its like driving some vehicle at the street - one person is cultivated the other is "the best".

By "the way": please keep in mind, that a lot of the roads on the Island are

dead end street - don´t block! - Sackgasse!





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